• Climate & Biodiversity Protection Through Eco-Farming & Tree Planting

Community Education & Sensitization on Climate Change

Community Education and Sensitization on Climate Change in Ghana, Africa

    We need to understand the science and impacts of Climate Change on environmental, social, economic and human systems in order to collectively implement mitigation strategies for reducing & managing the risks of climate change.
    Everyone’s activities contribute to global warming, so everyone needs to be involved in the fight against climate change.

    We educate the communities and create awareness on climate change.
    In every community where we supply seedlings to farmers and undertake tree planting activities, we also carry out this education.

    Since the fight against climate change requires a change in attitude, we discourage felling of trees and introduce a policy in the communities which will compel anyone who cuts down a tree to plant and take care of two new trees to replace it. This policy is well embraced and is being put into practice. We are confident that this policy will eventually become a culture in every community we undertake a project.

    Communities Visited

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