• Climate & Biodiversity Protection Through Eco-Farming & Tree Planting
The Green Africa Project Team meets Cocoa Farmers in Ghana

The Green Africa Project

The Green Africa Project

The Green Africa Project

Agroforestry for Sustainable Development

Engaging Communities for Climate Action & Sustainable Development

Food Forests Projects in Ghana Africa. Agriculture, Farming and Agroforestry, Agro-Forestry in Ghana

The Green Africa Project

The Green Africa Project

The Green Africa Project

Agroforestry for Poverty Eradication in Africa

Agroforestry for
Poverty Eradication in Africa

Community Education and Sensitization on Climate Change in Ghana, Africa. Tree planting, agro-forestry, afforestation, seedlings for farmers in Ghana

The Green Africa Project

Driving Climate Change mitigation strategies towards job creation & sustainable development in Africa

Our Mission

Engage, educate and empower communities to implement environmental, climate and biodiversity protection solutions and equip them for sustainable development through Agriculture.

Our Vision

A climate-resilient Green Continent powered by Eco-Farming for poverty eradication.

    Let's Work Together

    Partner with us to supply seedlings to local farmers in Ghana

    The Green Africa Project Team meets Cocoa Farmers in Ghana

    Combating Climate Change & Reducing Poverty Through

    Agriculture & Afforestation

    We work with local communities across the continent

    Supplying Seedlings of Tree Crops to Farmers

    We supply farmers with seedlings of tree crops and fruit trees to promote Permanent Agriculture – crops that will form canopies with the intent of protecting biodiversity. They include cashew, avocado, mango, coconut, cocoa, oil palm, plantain & banana suckers.

    Reduce Irresponsible Felling of Trees

    We educate communities with focus on charcoal burners, chainsaw operators, and farmers on the need to protect trees and we offer Agroforestry and Food Forests as alternative source of livelihood to people who make their living by felling of trees.

    Policy for Environmental Protection & Restoration

    We are introducing the “2-for-1 Policy” in communities: For every tree a person cuts down, he needs to plant at least two to replace it. Many people welcome this policy and it will soon become a culture in the communities we work with.


    Projects Done


    Trees Planted


    Seedlings to Farmers


    Pending Projects

    Our Projects and Activities

    Tree Planting in Communities & Schools

    We plant trees and also engage communities in communal tree planting along the roads, streets, in towns and homes. Through this engagement, the people appreciate the need for tree planting, they care for and protect the trees. We also plant trees on school compounds (campuses)

    Food Forests & Agroforestry Projects

    By supplying farmers with seedlings of tree crops and fruit trees, we help them transition from subsistence (small-scale) farming to commercial farming, and from seasonal to perennial (permanent) agriculture. The seedlings include cocoa, avocado pear, mango, coconuts, cashew nuts, oil palm, rubber, plantain and banana

    Reforestation & Micro-Afforestation

    We want to partner with communities to convert some of their lands into micro-forests and forest reserves. In some cases, these forests will have fruit trees which the families will be allowed to harvest while prohibiting them from cutting down trees from these forests. We

    Community Education & Sensitization on Climate Change

    We need to understand the science and impacts of Climate Change on environmental, social, economic and human systems in order to collectively implement mitigation strategies for reducing & managing the risks of climate change. Everyone’s activities contribute to global warming, so everyone needs to be

    Alternative Energy Sources to Wood Fuel

    In Africa, the main sources of domestic energy (for cooking) are wood and charcoal. About 90% of households in Ghana use firewood or charcoal for cooking (Derkyi et al, 2011). This implies, many trees are cut down daily for wood fuel to serve millions of

    Pollution and Waste Management

    People who live near gutters and water bodies often dispose off their wastes in them. Burning of waste and car tyres in the open is also a common practice in Africa. We educate the public on the hazards and consequences of pollution and improper disposal

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