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Alternative Energy Sources to Wood Fuel

Charcoal burning charcoal production in Ghana, West Africa

    In Africa, the main sources of domestic energy (for cooking) are wood and charcoal. About 90% of households in Ghana use firewood or charcoal for cooking (Derkyi et al, 2011). This implies, many trees are cut down daily for wood fuel to serve millions of people.

    The Hazards
    Charcoal production process in Africa is hazardous to human health as well as the environment. First, organisms in the soil are destroyed. Moreover, harmful gases containing methane, carbon monoxide and particles are released into the atmosphere during the process. Domestic wood and charcoal burning also release carbon dioxide and other harmful gases.
    These greenhouse gases trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere leading to global warming.

    Our Solution
    We want to reduce the dependence on wood for energy in Africa. We want to introduce and promote alternative cheap energy sources across the continent.


    Current Projects

    The list will be updated once projects are completed