• Climate & Biodiversity Protection Through Eco-Farming & Tree Planting

Reforestation & Micro-Afforestation

Tree planting, reforestation and micro afforestation projects in Ghana Africa against climate change and global warming

    We want to partner with communities to convert some of their lands into micro-forests and forest reserves. In some cases, these forests will have fruit trees which the families will be allowed to harvest while prohibiting them from cutting down trees from these forests.
    We also want to buy cheap lands for afforestation projects, these forests will be owned and maintained by The Green Africa Project.

    Our Motivation
    In Africa, land is owned mainly by families and stools. Besides agriculture which is the primary use of land in rural settings, families sell the trees grown by nature to chainsaw operators without thinking of the impact and without replacing them. Trees are also cut down for charcoal burning and for firewood. Moreover, farmers fell trees to make way for agriculture or to support their farming activities, for example, cutting young growing trees ranging from 2 to 5 metres and mounting them on yam mounds for plants to climb. Through all these activities and other development-related projects such as construction, west Africa in particular loses millions of young trees annually.
    As a result, the vegetation cover is depleting at an alarming rate and most forest lands are turning into savanna vegetation.


    Current Projects and Activities

    The list will be updated once projects are completed.