• Climate & Biodiversity Protection Through Eco-Farming & Tree Planting

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Fighting Climate Change - Tree Planting in Ghana West Africa by the Green Africa Project

Tree Planting in Communities & Schools

We plant trees and also engage communities in communal tree planting along the roads,

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Food Forests Projects in Ghana Africa for Empowerment and Poverty Eradication

Food Forests & Agroforestry Projects

By supplying farmers with seedlings of tree crops and fruit trees, we help them

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Tree planting, reforestation and micro afforestation projects in Ghana Africa against climate change and global warming

Reforestation & Micro-Afforestation

We want to partner with communities to convert some of their lands into micro-forests

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Community Education and Sensitization on Climate Change in Ghana, Africa

Community Education & Sensitization on Climate Change

We need to understand the science and impacts of Climate Change on environmental, social,

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Charcoal burning charcoal production in Ghana, West Africa

Alternative Energy Sources to Wood Fuel

In Africa, the main sources of domestic energy (for cooking) are wood and charcoal.

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waste management waste disposal cleaning in Ghana West Africa

Pollution and Waste Management

People who live near gutters and water bodies often dispose off their wastes in

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